Financial Consent


A fee will be charged for your anaesthetic service. The fee for your anaesthesia is separate from the fees charged by any other doctors caring for you. It is also separate from the fees charged by the institution (hospital, day surgery facility, endoscopy centre etc) where the service takes place. Because your anaesthetic fee will vary depending on how long your anaesthesia takes, it is not generally possible to give a definite cost prior to your surgery. However, an estimate based on the anticipated time for your anaesthesia will be provided to you. If you have concerns about this estimate fee, you should discuss them with our Practice Manager Ms Helen Shipston on 07 3910 5155


Patients will receive an estimate prior to their procedure, this estimate will include the name of the Anaesthetist attending your case and an estimate of cost. All anaesthetic fees are time based and therefore we do endeavour to quote accurately, based on time. Some of these procedures do go over time so fees can vary.

After your procedure you will receive an account, which is separate from your hospital and surgeon.

Your account can be paid by BPAY, credit card, cheque, money order or cash.

Your account is calculated in accordance with the structure recommended by both the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and the Australian Medical Association. This means that there will be a gap (after Medicare and Private Hospital insurance reimbursements). The gap varies depending on the complexity of the anaesthesia and operation and the durations of anaesthesia and operation as previously stated.