Your Privacy

Moreton Bay Anaesthesia adhere to the Australian Medical Association code of Medical ethics. This document can be found here.

What information do we collect? In order to provide you with medical care and as part of our business, we must collect certain information about our patients this include your name, address, phone numbers, Medicare and health insurance details, and limited information about your medical condition.

What do we use information for? We use your information for very specific reasons and we only provide other parties with the required information under lawful circumstances. We may in an emergency, provide medical practitioners with information about your medical condition.

Medical Records We have neither access to, nor control over medical records generated in a hospital, wheter it be public or private. If you wish to access these records we suggest you contact the hospital.

Your Rights It is your right to request a copy of any information we do hold on record about you and to ask for corrections to be made if any part or parts of the information are inaccurate. If you have any queries regarding the records we keep, our privacy policy or any other matters please contact our Practice Manager on (07) 3910 5155 or use the enquiry form on the contact page.